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TLJ Training Solutions Ltd is a forward thinking company that offers training solutions to businesses that wish to invest in their employees to maximise the contributions that the employees make to the company.


Our aim is to provide trainers, tutors and practitioners to deliver structured courses that will motivate, stimulate and drive your company forward.


All our trainers are time served in their profession and offer experience and extensive subject knowledge.

TLJ Training

Course Venues:

Courses are normally delivered at the client’s premises, although groups can be taught at a location of your choice subject to cost adjustment were applicable.



The cost for the programmes offered by TLJ Training Solutions are in most cases tailored to your requirements, which will be discussed after initial contact has been made with us, at your convenience. We are confident that the cost will be favourable to other training providers.


Post Training:

All students that attend a course delivered by us will be able to contact their trainers / tutors for advice or guidance post course at no extra cost.


Future Courses:

TLJ training solutions is constantly looking for instructors that offer other courses as we evolve.