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Autism Focus Workshop.

Ideal training for workers who care for people with autistic spectrum disorders. Duration : One day.


Basic Food Hygiene.

This full day course is essential for anyone who is involved in the preparation and handling of food.


Customer Service / Management Training.

This training by its nature will be via close liaison with our tutor who can offer tailor made training, with the benefit of several years in the retail sector training staff and managers. We also have a specialist who’s has vast knowledge in the customer service sector and can offer tailor made training in developing future managers and career development in this sector.

Guide Price: As a guide training will be offered at approximately £45 per hour (inclusive of VAT).


Death, Dying & Bereavement.

This course enables carers  to explore the grieving process. Duration : One day.


Diabetes, Understanding.

This one day course sets out to bring learners up-to-date on information about diabetes and ways of controlling it.


Epilepsy, Understanding.

The course provides an in-depth approach in understanding epilepsy. Duration : One day.


First Aid, Appointed Persons.

This vital 1 day course aims to provide the knowledge, understanding and skills required by employees when  facing a health emergency.


First Aid at Work.

This course is delivered over four days by an experienced trainer, that has many years of service in the Welsh Ambulance Service as a paramedic.  The course covers all the core subjects that are required by the HSE.

Guide Price: £120 plus VAT per employee (the minimum number for this course would be 4 students.


Health & Safety & Fire Awareness.

This full day course introduces employees to the basic principles of Health & Safety at work. Duration : One day.


Manual Handling.

Untold pain and misery can be caused and entire careers ruined by an improper lift of just one heavy object. Duration : One day.


Medication, Good Practice Guidelines.

This 1 day course aims to ensure that employees understand safe practices when administering medication.


Mental Health - Awareness & Understanding.

This mental health awareness course will enable care workers to improve their understanding of mental health. Duration : One day.


One Challenge - One Goal.

Duration: This course is delivered over 5 to 8 hours, normally between  9:00am and 4:30 / 5:00pm.  The workshop consists of several group activities that challenge and encourage better group dynamics via intensive and thought provoking activities.  This workshop is centred around a four piece jigsaw with a central theme.

Guide Price: £340 plus VAT (group size 10 employees).  £420 plus VAT (group size 15 employees).


Performance Coaching.

Duration: This program has 6 modules that can be delivered on an individual basis, with the aim to achieve better employee management by improving understanding of output barriers.  This course can be delivered by 1 or 2 day workshop to smaller groups.

Guide Price: £75 plus VAT per Module (1 to 1 tutorial). £350 plus VAT 2 day workshop (6-8 group size).


Report Writing.

This course is aimed at Social Care Staff who may be involved in writing care reports. Duration : One day.


Working with people who have Learning Disabilities.

This program is aimed at making a positive impact on the quality of service offered by front line care workers. Duration : One day.


SIA (Security Industry Authority) part 1:

Duration: This course is delivered over four (4) days, normally between 9:30 am and 4:30 / 5:00 pm.  The programme consists of twelve (12) modules as defined by the SIA. At the conclusion all students must complete a multi choice exam under strict guidelines set by the SIA.

Guide Price: £420 plus VAT (group size 12 employees). £560 plus VAT (group size 20 employees).



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